Cray’s Quarry 3: Sticks and Stones (Rachel Kane)


Rachel Kane’s new addition to her „Cray’s Quarry“ series was as good as the other two books.
I really enjoyed reading Lucas‘ and Ash’s story. The two men are interesting characters with depth and quite some issues they try to hide from anyone. Their chemistry is great from the start and the author did a really good job to turn the anger and frustration into lust and love.
Although the story had a bit more angst than the former ones, we nevertheless get some funny and heartwarming moments.
It was also interesting to learn a bit more about Rex and Peter and I really can’t wait for their stories!
Altogether a great addition to this series which lefts you wanting for the next book 🙂

Ironwrought 3: Best Friend’s Blood (Anna Wineheart)


I’m a really big fan of Anna Wineheart’s Ironwrought series and I totally enjoyed reading this third book.
„Best Friend’s Blood“ is a very sweet friends-to-lovers story with quite some angst. Mitch and Leo, the two main characters, are both very loveable and I felt immediatley connected to them and their story.
I loved the first two books of this series and was very pleased about the reconnection with the men from the former books, although it was a short one. I totally hope to read more from this group in the next book 🙂
I really like how we get a glimpse of the big main plot in every single novel and how the picture magnifies with every snippet of information the author grants us.
I once again enjoyed a trip to the world of Ironwrought and can’t wait to get the next one in series!

Forever Young 2


With „A Perfect Love“ we can now read the second installement of Grant C. Holland’s „Forever Young“ series.
In this novel Doug finds his HEA with his longtime acquaintance Greg.
It was once again a sweet and easy read with only some little bumps along the road to happiness. The writing style was fluid as always with this author but the descriptions of landscaping and flowers were a bit too much for me. There were also some logic issues and an occasionally mix-up of names which were disturbing the reading experience.
Altogether I liked this second book more than the first one. I found the relationship development much more realistic and I also liked the two main characters a bit more. But of course I enjoyed reconnecting with the men from the former book nevertheless 🙂

Claiming His Baby von Aspen Grey


The third installement in Aspen Grey’s „Scarlet Mountain Pack“ series was once again a sweet and easy read, with a touch of angst and some obstacles on the way to the characters happiness.
The books of this series always follow a similar pattern, but I really like the concept and I once again totally enjoyed reading this book.
Sometimes the course of action of some people were a bit too unrealistic for me, especially Pablo’s reaction, but altogether a good read for an nice afternoon 🙂
I will definitely grab the next book in this series!

Something sweet and funny for Halloween :)


I’m a big fan of Casey Cameron’s books and I really was looking forward to this proclaimed „sweet and silly“ Halloween novel.
The other books from this author I’ve read so far were always great stories, often with a touch of angst. But apparently the author can also do funny stories very well and I absolutely enjoyed this crazy roadtrip of to-good-to-be-true Sean and the amazingly un-devlish demon Gideon. I loved both characters and the chemistry between them was absolutely great.
My only „critic“ would be that it was over too fast, I really would have loved to spend more time with the two. But perhaps some day the author will delight us with a follow up? 🙂

„A Good Man“ von Grant C. Holland


„A Good Man“ ist the newest book from author Grant C. Holland and it’s a nice and pleasurable read, but without much depth and almost no angst. In my opinion the relationship development was much too smooth and to fast. There were no real problems, struggling or self questioning. And everybody else was totally understanding and supportable. Don’t get me wrong, I don`t need an angst laden book breaking your heart in pieces, but I enjoy realistic characters with realistic struggles and I could absolutely not imagine anybody in real life reacting like Vincent when going through such events.
The other aspects of the book I really enjoyed. I liked both main characters and also the supportive ones and I’m totally looking forward to Doug’s story (I hope he gets his own). The writing style is, like always with this author, fluid and enjoyable. I found it very refreshing to read about men in their „best age“, although some more concentration on this aspect would have been nice.
Altogether a light and sweet novel with some weak points, but after reading this first installement I will definitley look into the next book of this new series!

Neue Unter-Kategorie bei den Brührungspunkten: EBooks

Zukünftig möchte ich in diesem Blog auch ausgewählte Buch Rezensionen von meinem amazon Konto veröffentlichen. Hierbei wird es sich nicht, wie in der Kategorie „Romane“, um komplette Inhaltszusammenfassungen handeln, sondern lediglich um eine kurze Bewertung des jeweiligen Buches mit seinen Stärken bzw. Schwächen und Besonderheiten.

Da ich einen Großteil der EBooks im englischen Original lese, sind die meisten Reviews entsprechend auch in dieser Sprache verfasst.

Bewertung: Iron Kingdoms Einsteigerset

Meine Runde stürzte sich diesmal in das Iron Kingdoms Einführungsabenteuer „Der Geist aus Stahl“.


Es folgt die Bewertung aller Teilnehmer (Schulnoten System) mit abschließender Note.

Achtung: In dieser Bewertung können sich Spoiler der Handlung befinden!

Bewertung Spieler 1
Geschlecht des Spielers: weiblich
Volk des Char: Mensch (Char 1), Mensch (Char 2)
Klasse(n) zu Beginn des Abenteuers Char 1: Arkanist / Ermittler
Klasse(n) zu Beginn des Abenteuers Char 2: Feldmaechaniker / Soldat
Anspruch (Schulnote): 3 (recht kurz + einfach)
Spannung (Schulnote): 2
Unterhaltung (Schulnote): 1
Was mir besonders gut gefiel: Interessante Welt, tolle vorgefertigte Chars, Spielsystem geht gut von der Hand und macht großen Spaß
Was mir nicht so gefiel: Abenteuer leider recht kurz 😉 und kaum Kampf

Bewertung Spieler 2
Geschlecht des Spielers: männlich
Volk des Char: Troll (Char 1), Mensch (Char 2)
Klasse(n) zu Beginn des Abenteuers Char 1: Kämpfer / Kopfgeldjäger
Klasse(n) zu Beginn des Abenteuers Char 2: Alchemist / Dieb
Anspruch (Schulnote): 4
Spannung (Schulnote): 3
Unterhaltung (Schulnote): 1
Was mir besonders gut gefiel: Interessantes System, gut zusammengestellte Gruppe, ideal für Einsteiger
Was mir nicht so gefiel: doch etwas kurz (deshalb auch die Bewertung bei Anspruch + Spannung), fehlende Hintergrundinformation: Bsp: der Outpost

Bewertung Spielleiter
Geschlecht des Spielleiters: männlich
Anspruch (Schulnote): 3
Spannung (Schulnote): 2
Unterhaltung (Schulnote): 2
Was mir besonders gut gefiel: Große Ausgewogenheit zwischen Kämpfen und Fertigkeiten (50:50), friedliche Lösungen werden angeboten
Was mir nicht so gefiel: Zu viel Hintergrundinformation für ein Einstiegsabenteuer (Fraktionen, NPC, etc.), einige Regelelmente konnten final nur durch das GRW geklärt werden

Abschließende Bewertung (Durchschnitt)
Anspruch (Schulnote): 3,3
Spannung (Schulnote): 2,3
Unterhaltung (Schulnote): 1,3

Endnote: 2,3